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Emma is a series of elegant and functional high-quality kitchen
utensils. Beautiful and practical kitchen utensils made of solid
quality materials, durable and long-lasting. The design of the handles
on all Emma utensils strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics
and functionality. The simple Nordic design of the handle
is the unifying element of the series, and you’ll want to reach for
them every time.

• Elegant and functional
• Comfortable handle
• Long-lasting quality
• Useful for serving
• Danish Design
• Dishwasher safe
• 5-year warranty


Danish design studio VE2 is behind the Emma kitchen tool series. VE2 is founded in 2007 by Morten Lauritzen and Hugo Dines Schmidt. The design studio
is located in Aarhus and the small team of designers are all graduates from Aarhus School of Architecture. They focus on durable designs which are based on quality, honesty and the designs’ ability to create aesthetic and functional value for the user. The result is Emma, a series of beautiful and durable quality utensils for both cooking and serving.

The handle on all Emma utensils follows a simple design principle that makes them feel good in the hand while maintaining a beautifully sleek look.
With its simple Nordic design, the handle ties the series’ utensils together in all its simplicity. The solid materials, plastic and stainless steel, complement
each other beautifully and give the tools a weight that creates a good balance in the hand. The stainless steel is of high quality, ensuring both sharp edges and easy cleaning.

Sales folder

The New Emma sales folder gives you a complete overview. Explore the catalogue and find inspiration and information about the stylish products in the range.

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