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Colourful ideas

Rosti’s colour palettes have been carefully composed and selected in line with current trends in interior design. The colour themes provide inspiration for the finest combinations because the colours not only match each other within each theme but also work together wonderfully when themes are mixed.

Mix & match

Delightful classics for occasions both large and small.


The flecked Pebble colours give the iconic Margrethe bowl a modern yet nostalgic look with a matt exterior that contrasts with a shiny interior. The inspiration is derived from nature, from grains of sand and pebbles sanded smooth by the sea.

Indian summer

The beautiful, burnt nature tones in these sets of small and large Margrethe bowls with lids invite a summery, relaxed mood into the kitchen.


Here we’ve put together a set using the most beautiful natural colours. The wonderful hues of the sea, sand and beach bring a warm and pleasant feel to your kitchen work.