Classic and well-designed icons that can be used for many years

The planet is calling for hard-wearing products that can be used year after year – and that’s exactly what Rosti can offer.
This applies to both the design itself and the material used. For new products, materials are chosen to ensure a long lifespan and recyclability in the long term, so that resources are not wasted but can become a new product.
As proof of lasting durability, we offer a five-year warranty on all Rosti products, and if they can’t stand up to it, they won’t be in the range – it’s as simple as that!

No one needs over-packaged products – not Rosti, not customers, and not the environment

In 2019, Rosti removed the plastic bag that had been around every Margrethe bowl. It has saved the need for more than two million bags. In addition, all new packaging is made of FSC®-certified cardboard, and all printing is with soy ink.

Finally, Rosti also tries to consider the design for disassembly in the development of new products, ensuring that the materials used for our products can later be recycled. But even older products like the Margrethe bowl – our best-selling product – can easily have the base ring separated from the bowl by consumers so that it can be sorted for recycling. This also means that you can replace the base ring if it becomes worn, meaning you can use a Margrethe bowl for many more years without having to buy a new one.

Local production in Denmark

Rosti also plans to produce selected series in Denmark again. In doing so, Rosti is returning to where it all started – with production in Denmark. Instead of transporting goods thousands of kilometres from China, they only need to be transported to our warehouse in Viborg. The first series to be produced in Denmark will be the Optima series.