Since 1944 Rosti has developed and produced a comprehensive range of amazing kitchen utensils with a focus on quality, functionality and good design – products that last for decades and across generations. The range consists of dinnerware made of durable plastic, kitchen utensils, measuring jugs, kitchen scales, chopping boards, mixing bowls and much more.


A wide range of products


It can be tempting to leave the cutting board out on the countertop when it’s as decorative as Choptima. It just so happens that the series is actually designed to be left out on display – in a holder so elegant that you can even let the cutting boards air dry in it, so there’s no need for the tea towel.


Mensura means “to measure” and Mensura products do just that – quickly and accurately. The series is Danish designed for everyday needs, and all features have been carefully selected and developed. Take, for example, the fact that the kitchen scale’s bowl is also a protective lid. Or that you can switch between multiple units of measurement.


The Margrethe bowl has been a star in the kitchen for almost 70 years, appearing on millions of culinary stages around the world. The bowl was designed by Sigvard Bernadotte and Acton Bjørn’s design studio in Copenhagen, and in 1954 it was named after the current Danish monarch, Queen Margrethe II.


Victoria is the younger sister who looks exactly like her famous relative but is utterly unique in her own right. Building on the iconic design and elegance of the Margrethe mixing bowl, the Victoria bowl is characterised by timeless design, excellent quality and high functionality.


The products of the Classic series are … well, classics. They are many and diverse, and they cover most of your cooking, baking and food prep needs. Many of them have been with you – and the generations before you – ever since they first launched in the 1950s, even in the original design.


The steel bowl features interior measurement marks and is a practical choice for most kitchen tasks, but especially for temperature-sensitive work, such as chocolate tempering, because the steel reacts quickly to temperature changes.